Hey! We’re Jonathan & Ella and we're getting married! After 11 years of being together, 30 years of life, 2 kids and a whole load of other things we will be doing out nuptials on the 26th August 2023 in the South of France.

It's going to be great! And we can't wait to see you all and have a chance to catch up, eat, laugh and party together!

We met at university after being grouped into the same batch and then small groups randomly put together to make our first films. A simple twist of fate led us to discover that we lived in opposite blocks on the same level floors facing towards each other. One day, we decided to write a simple message on the window to see if I could get a response. We did, and slowly over the next few months, we chatted both via secret window messages and in person. Thinking back, over that short period of time, in a slightly awkward British manor, we fell in love.