Ella was raised in the beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees in France on a yoga farm & Jonathan on a river in the Wilds of West Wales. We love hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, binging on Rick & Morty, first dates, old films & chick flicks :) Jonathan loves to cook & bake & constantly failing to be vegan whilst Ella does all that holistic yoga, hippie shiz-nay. We are wannabe hipsters and eco-warriors at heart <3 We met at university after being grouped in the same batch, form & then small groups randomly put together to make our first films. After failing miserably both at making an interesting film to rival Hitchcock & to make myself irresistible to the quiet French girl, a simple twist of fate led us to discover that we lived in opposite blocks on the same level floors facing towards each other. One day I decided to write a simple message on the window to see if I could get a response. I did, and slowly over the next few months, we chatted both via secret window messages & in person. Thinking back, over that short period of time in a slightly awkward British manor, we fell in love.

We cover each wedding with a uniqueness that they deserve. Every couple gets a different service, a different approach, to match their unique story, personally & taste. Our approach starts & ends with natural storytelling. We will always endeavour to capture every detail, every moment, every idea you put into your day. We try really hard to balance candid, natural coverage with the group photos & couple shots to tell the true story of you, your love & your big day to celebrate it.

We think love is pretty amazing, and think weddings are too. We love that our couples let us capture their intimacy, their day, and trust us to craft their memories how they wish. We aren't in your face, overbearing or pretentious. We like that we can just slip into the background, even when one on one with our couples. We don't do posing, we have fun, letting you relax and us getting the best photos to tell the story of your day. It's amazing really that we get to shoot incredible love stories, whom we like in the end to call our friends.


so simple, yet so beautiful...