Nadine and James had a truly remarkable wedding at the picturesque Pylewell Park in Lymington. Their day was filled with unique and memorable moments that perfectly captured their non-traditional spirit and love for each other.

The morning began with Nadine's bridal preparations, brimming with excitement and DIY details that added a personal touch to every aspect of the wedding. Nadine wore her stunning Millanova wedding dress, while the bridesmaids eagerly awaited the grand reveal on the stairs.

As guests started to arrive the anticipation grew. The outdoor ceremony was a breathtaking affair, held amidst the natural beauty of Pylewell Park. The enchanting sounds of a string quartet filled the air as the couple exchanged vows.

Following the ceremony, the joyful couple made their way through a confetti tunnel at the back garden gate, with the picturesque Pylewell Park house serving as a stunning backdrop. To everyone's surprise and delight, Nadine was lifted into the air during a cheer stunt, adding a playful and adventurous twist to the celebrations. The vintage pickup truck nearby added a touch of charm and nostalgia to the scene.

Guests were then invited to enjoy drinks and entertainment, with shuffleboard tables providing a delightful diversion. The scenic beauty of the nearby beach, lake, and bridge provided the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photographs and creating lasting memories.

As the day progressed, the couple called everyone to sit down for a delectable meal, accompanied by the lively tunes of mariachi music. Speeches followed, with heartfelt words shared by the bride, father of the bride, and a surprise song performed by James, his father, and the best man (James' brother). Laughter and tears filled the room as the speeches left a lasting impression on everyone present.

As evening descended, new guests arrived to join the festivities. The first dance marked a romantic and emotional moment for Nadine and James. The band took the stage after ensuring that the dance floor was always packed and the celebration never waned. A Krispy Kreme wall added a sweet touch to the evening, while the enchanting gazebo adorned with fairy lights created a magical ambiance for a second intimate dance.

The night continued in full swing, with the warm glow of lovely night lighting setting the scene. As the end neared the celebration drew to a close, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a wedding day filled with love, laughter, and moments that truly reflected Nadine and James' unique journey together.