The magnificent Château de Breteuil provided the perfect backdrop for Lenka and Gautier's romantic union. Surrounded by breathtaking gardens and rich history, the venue exuded elegance and charm. Lenka's Ukrainian heritage and Gautier's French roots added a touch of cultural richness to the celebration, making it an international affair to remember.

Lenka and Gautier enlisted an exceptional group of professionals to bring their wedding vision to life. Pierre Kavaciuk, a renowned florist, created stunning floral arrangements that adorned the venue, adding a touch of natural beauty to every corner. The talented hairstylist, Andy Smith, ensured that Lenka's locks were picture-perfect, while makeup artist Charlene Dahan enhanced her radiant beauty. Lenka's exquisite Berta wedding gown added a touch of glamour and sophistication to her look, creating a true vision of elegance.

The day began with preparations, as Lenka and her bridal party indulged in hair and makeup, expertly crafted by the talented team.

Lenka and Gautier exchanged their heartfelt vows in a ceremony that celebrated their unique love story. Surrounded by loved ones, the couple paid homage to their origins by incorporating Ukrainian and French traditions into the ceremony. Whether it was the music, the readings, or the cultural symbols, every element represented the unity of their diverse backgrounds.

Following the ceremony, a shower of rose petal confetti celebrated the newlyweds' union, creating a joyful and whimsical moment. The celebration continued with a reception on the lawn, where guests enjoyed refreshing drinks and delectable canapés.

As the evening progressed, the orangerie became the center of attention, the tables were adorned with elegant touches as Guests were treated to a culinary experience that showcased the best of French cuisines, ensuring a delightful fusion of flavors.

The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, and the vibrant melodies of live musicians who entertained guests roaming around the room getting guests to dance on the tables.

The festivities continued into the night with a spectacular surprise firework display followed by DJs ensuring a non-stop party atmosphere. The young and vibrant crowd embraced the cultural diversity, As the evening drew to a close, the château presented the couple's magnificent cake, signaling the end of the official celebrations. A first dance, filled with energy and charm, was a joyful moment for Lenka and Gautier and their guests.


Florist: Pierre Kavaciuk

Destination Photographer: Indiego Photography

Hair Stylist: Andy Smith

Wedding Dress: Berta Couture

Make Up: Charlene Dahan

Catering: Butard Enescot

Cake: Synie’s Paris

Entertainment: The London Essentials, DJ Florian and Jan Blomqvist

Wedding Planner: Bubble Events