Nestled within the idyllic landscapes of Suffolk, Wilderness Reserve provided the perfect backdrop for Ebba and Zac's romantic union. With its pristine beauty and natural charm, the venue exuded an air of exclusivity and serenity. The couple's choice of this luxurious location set the stage for a truly remarkable wedding experience.

The day began with Ebba's bridal preparations. Excitement filled the air as the couple's closest friends and family gathered together to witness the joyous moments leading up to the ceremony. The atmosphere was filled with love and anticipation as the bride and groom exchanged thoughtful gifts with their wedding party.

Guests eagerly gathered to witness the heartfelt ceremony, due to a turn of weather took place in the front room of the manor. Surrounded by friends and family, Ebba and Zac exchanged vows, sealing their commitment to a lifetime of love and happiness.

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to indulge in a delightful array of reception drinks while admiring the stunning surroundings. As they mingled and celebrated, an illustrator captured the joyous atmosphere by creating beautiful sketches of the attendees. The Wilderness Reserve's enchanting grounds provided the perfect backdrop for this magical moment.

A sumptuous dining experience awaited the guests as they were called to sit down. The evening's proceedings were gracefully introduced by the two best men, who acted as MCs for the night. Ebba and Zac made a grand entrance, filling the room with their undeniable presence and setting the tone for an evening of elegance and celebration.

The speeches commenced, weaving heartfelt and humorous tales that showcased the love and support surrounding the couple. Friends and family shared touching moments, expressing their wishes and congratulations followed by a surprise mariachi band. The Band kicked off the evening entertainment with fun and energy, leading to Ebba and Zac shared a special moment on the dance floor. With the captivating melodies of a following live band filling the air, they gracefully swayed to their chosen song, surrounded by their loved ones. The first dance was a heartfelt and romantic display of their love, marking the beginning of a night full of enchantment.

But the excitement didn't end there. As midnight approached, the celebration took an unexpected turn. Ebba and Zac, along with their exuberant guests, made their way down to the underground nightclub at Wilderness Reserve. Bathed in the pulsating lights and rhythmic beats, the night took on a new energy. The vibrant atmosphere of the nightclub added an element of exclusivity and glamour, creating an unforgettable experience for all.