Yann proposed after sending Hannah on a surprise pamper trip abroad with her friends. Draping their apartment in lights and colours, Hannah arrived home to find Yann on one knee. Yann & Hannah weren’t the normal couple. Young and in love they designed a day around their family and friends, locally sourcing everything in Dorset. They had Tepees, beautiful florals, big delicious sharing platters & an amazing family bake-off of cakes and treats. After their personal vows, the meal commenced and the speeches ended with the Maid of honor singing a song she wrote especially for the couple. At the end of the night, Hannah and Yann were sent off on their honeymoon, a trip around the world which we believe they are planning to stay on for the foreseeable future.

We haven’t stopped talking about how perfect our day really was and how lucky we are. Thank you so much for providing us with such beautiful photos we can cherish forever. We feel so lucky to have found you guys and have you be a part of our wedding 🙂

Hannah, you’re such a beautiful person inside and out, that I never dreamed I could someday call my wife. 10 years along and you’ll always be out of my League. You are what I treasure most in this world and why I forever aspire to be a man deserving of your love. You go far beyond completing me and empower me to discover myself as I would never have known. Our undeniable harmony and the way others celebrate it with us makes us feel small yet so powerful. I’m so honoured to celebrate our love together and be witnessed by such affectionate family and friends. Equally those with us and those who have since left us. My late grandmother Nanny, who I will be thinking of, would have been so glad to have known you and how we have flourished together. She loved, nurtured, and protected me like her own son, and our matrimony would have brought her such hope and joy. 

Bear, I don’t quite know how to express the eminence love I feel for you. I think one of the many things that made me realise you truly are my soul mate, is the feeling I got when you would message me to say you’d arrived at mine on your old moped. I would have butterflies in my stomach as I ran downstairs to greet you and then just as safe and loved as you wrapped your arms around me. That first hug makes any worries disappear and time slow in that moment. I adore you and I truly hope I make you feel as loved and appreciated as you do for me. I’m proud to call you my husband Yann, here is to the next chapter. 

I lay here the night before our wedding day, the luckiest man that could be. Very soon, you’ll be walking down the aisle with built together in a charming setting to marry me. I’ll be waiting for you just about holding it together. I’ve missed you tonight, I’ll hold your hands tight and look after you and notice you today, yours forever, Yann. 

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