Dress code: Wear your brightest, most colour outfit you have. The one you have never had the chance to wear, with glitter, rainbows, tassels and more…


On a beautiful Saturday morning we rocked up in rural Berkshire to find a lovely looking quintessentially English manor estate stretching through forest & farmland. Over the phone prior to Ellie’s & Jon’s Special Day we had discussed their plans of colour and chaos. Their masterplan of collecting eclectic, eccentric items from a old piano to a bathtub and all the many ways they planned to fill their day with colour, smokes bombs, tepees, glitter and everything they love, a true reflection of themselves. These guys pulled off one of the most wonderful days, filled with the weird and wonderful, from the golden dinosaurs to the beautiful outfits. Given our time before, we arrived feeling like old friends, and as soon as the piñatas starting flying, the music started blasting, the Pirate DJ started dancing we felt truly at home.


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