Clara and David's wedding celebrated their love at the exquisite One Great George Street. From magical moments to heartfelt traditions and lively festivities, their special day was filled with joy and cherished memories.

Guests were welcomed into the grandeur of One Great George Street for a reception in the lobby. The atmosphere came alive with the presence of a talented magician, captivating guests with close-up magic that left them in awe.

A highlight of the day was the enchanting Bedeken, where David eagerly greeted Clara amidst singing and cheers. This heartfelt moment was a testament to their love and was beautifully captured, reflecting the joy that filled the room. The wedding ceremony took place in a side room, radiating warmth and love as Clara and David exchanged their vows, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Following the ceremony, guests gathered in the lobby for a second reception, providing an opportunity for the newlyweds to mingle and pose for photos, creating timeless mementos of their special day. The celebration continued as everyone moved upstairs to the dinner hall, where Jewish circle dancing filled the room with infectious energy and joy.

Heartfelt speeches were delivered, paying tribute to the couple's love and journey. The evening unfolded with a delectable dining experience, toasting to the Queen and the State of Israel, and the bride's moving speech that touched the hearts of all present. Jewish circle dancing resumed, inviting guests to partake in the celebration and create cherished memories together.

A moment of prayer known as "benching" added a sense of reverence and gratitude to the festivities. Dessert was savoured at a delightful buffet, offering sweet indulgences to fuel the energetic secular dancing that followed, led by a talented DJ. Laughter, exuberance, and collective celebration filled the dance floor, honouring Clara and David's love story.

As the night drew to a close, the celebrations continued, leaving lasting impressions and memories for all. Clara and David's wedding at One Great George Street embodied their love, traditions, and the joyous spirit that resonated throughout the day.

May their journey together be filled with boundless love, cherished moments, and adventures that surpass all expectations. The magic of their wedding at One Great George Street will forever hold a special place in their hearts, reminding them of the joy and unity that marked the beginning of their lifelong commitment.


Venue: One Great George Street 

Florist: Flowers by Miri (Miri Moses)

Hair & Makeup: Pam Wrigley

Wedding dress: Pronovias 

Groom Attire: Hackett

Jewish wedding band: Eli Tamir Band 

Jazz trio at reception: Midnight Jazz Trio 

Magician: Nicolas Clement